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Bright Features Of Touchscreens

Touchscreens are secure public LCD displays. They can be utilized as both indoor and outdoor touchscreens. An LXS series of semi-outdoor touchscreens features an extremely slim ADA compliant depth of no more than four inches (or one hundred millimeters). The LXS series has ‘completely sealed’ IP65 rated enclosures.

The touchscreens are tamper proof. They need to be in view of the fact that they are being utilized in the public space without the aid of any supervised applications. And they are tempered with anti-reflective glass.  A variety of popular sized models are options for marketers, advertisers and public officials.

You can set up a touchscreen of any size, ranging from as little as thirty-two inches to as much as seventy-five inches diagonal. With the exception of the stretched versions of touchscreens, all LXS models come available with or without its ten-point touchscreens. These screens do, however, feature very fast response times and the ‘driver-less’ USB interface.

The models available for purchase or hire will support monitoring and control on behalf of the user. Standard VESA mounting provisions have been accounted for on all models. But the custom, free standing pedestals are provided for single or double sided display requirements. That is about as far as this note goes in regard to the touchscreens’ technological and practical features.

outdoor touchscreens

Perhaps this note can now close off with a thought or two on esthetic requirements. Or marketing and advertising requirements, as the case may be for the reader here. The thing about the touchscreens’ LCD capabilities is that the visual message created is always highly visible, even in the brightest sunlight.

This capability is of particular importance for public ordinances tasked with providing communities with directions, safety and security, as well as law and order.

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