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Choosing the Best Audiometer

If it’s been some time since you replaced the audiometer at your hearing center, perhaps it is time.  A new, updated audiometer uses the latest technologies and pack more features into the device so it is easier to test patients hearing with accurate results. But, choosing an audiometer should be done with caution, otherwise you may fail to get the quality product that you want.

State Requirements

Each state has outlined requirements for hearing testing equipment, including the auto meter. Before you go out to buy, make sure that you know these requirements and choose a product that meets these needs. It is ideal that you contact the health department to ensure that you are aware of current standards.

Brand & Features

Many people choose the maico audiometer because it is a brand they can trust to deliver exceptional results. It is not required to buy this brand, though you’ll appreciate all that it offers. Look at the features the audiometer delivers before you buy.

Ease of Transportation

Where will you use the audiometer? If you’ll transport the device, you should ensure that you choose a model that is easy to transport. Both transportable and stationary units are available to suit your needs.

maico audiometer

Test Formats

Electronic audiometers are more popular than those that allow handwritten results but both options are available. Some audiometers offer both options, but usually it is one or the other. So, you’ll need to decide which of the testing formats is most suitable to your needs.

There are many considerations to keep in mind when buying a new audiometer for your hearing center. Use the information above as a guide to the best product and use it to your advantage. You can get a great audiometer if you aren’t afraid to find the product!

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